Thoughts at the Grey Havens – Elrond’s cogitations

by Feb 26, 2003Poetry

Thoughts at the Gray Havens

I have seen ages pass my eyes,
I have smelt the sea when it was young.
I have felt the ancient mountains crumble,
I have felt the timeless forests grow.

And yet though I’ve seen almost everything
Under the glorious sun,
I have yet to see one more surprised
Than me when I met you.

For you, young Frodo, are an amazing lad,
And I know how small you feel;
Yet you made it to Orodruin
And beheld the Cracks of Doom.

Though I know you can’t forget
That you could not fulfill your task,
You must remember, Frodo, my boy,
That it was in the past.

Now I see you turn to the transient east
And look out on the wine-dark sea,
I think you finally hear the call
That tortures my brethren and me.

For though we cherish this Middle Earth,
It must someday be left behind.
And though Valinor is our joy and peace,
This land will haunt our dreams.

The mountains, the fields, the little rivers
Winding their way through the woods
The halls, the forests, the mallorn trees;
All empty where we once stood.

The elves will mourn the loss of this land
As if it was our own dear child;
And whenever we cry, the skies will cloud
And pour down our misty tears.


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