Though Hope is Gone – Frodo and Sam in Mordor

by Feb 10, 2003Poetry

Through the land of shadow they carried on,
though all was dark and hope was gone.
The days were grim and full of fear.
Whatever the end, t’was drawing near.
Still they toiled, though hope was lost,
try their best they knew they must.
The Burden was heavy, their legs were tired.
O, how they wished to be back in The Shire.
Though failure seemed certain, and death seem soon,
still they pressed on, into their doom.
They had to be brave, had to be strong,
and make an end worthy of song.
Though joyous songs will never sound,
and evil will be all around.
and none will ever know the grave,
of Frodo Baggins and Samwise the Brave.
All things good and fair will perish,
and destroyed will be the things they cherish.
Brave men, white trees, and beautiful lands,
will fall then into Sauron’s hands.
Darkness and evil will avail,
if on this task, two hobbits fail.
That is why they must go on,
though all is dark and hope is gone.


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