Those Who Died – Whether Good or Evil, here is their song

by Jan 9, 2005Poetry

See the slopes of Mount Doom,
See the walls of Minas Tirith,
See the swords that lie broken,
See the bodies of the dead.

See the plain of Dargolad,
See the ruins of Osgiliath,
See the lonely Orthanc,
See the fair and green Shire.

Everywhere you see death,
And the pain and the grief
Of those who loved and cry
Those whose body lie still.

See the women of Harad,
See the children of Bree,
See the tears and the anger
Of those who still live here.

See the result of madness,
See the dishes of War,
See the amount of dead,
See the lambs of wounded.

That’s the result of a War,
That’s what one does to all,
Even dead, even gone,
His Shadow stay unarmed.

Ah! They were fair and young,
And they had many lives,
They should yet be alive,
But He called for their doom.

Elves who should never leave,
Orcs whou should never come,
All down to the ground,
All joined by their death.

Where are glory and beauty?
Where are music and joy?
Is there anything worthy
In that ocean of void?

May they find their way
To the Houses of Mandos,
Or wherever they go,
For it wasn’t their war.


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