Things That Were – An Elf’s Tale ( resubmitted )

by Aug 20, 2004Poetry

( I submitted this once before, but there were some typing errors and such. Also, I still have never gotten the answer to my question: WHO DO YOU THINK THE ELF SHOULD BE? I haven’t decided yet, and would like your opinions! )

A small little boy, no more than four,
Thoughtful, quiet, called Estel,
Crept to my lap from on the floor,
In peaceful, elven, Rivendell.

Keenly shone those tiny eyes
Like kindled stars, or fire wild.
A son of Kings, yet doomed to die
Was Isildur’s heir, a little child.

Upon my breast he laid his head;
I cradled him in soft moonlight.
I set him down within his bed,
To dream in peace throughout the night.

Yet still he woke and made a cry,
And stretched his small arms out to me.
“How if I sing a lullaby?”
I asked him soft and patiently.

I sang of stars with silver light
And forests that are ever green.
I sang of caverns, glistening bright,
And distant shores I’d never seen.

Of maidens fair I told him tales;
Of Luthien and Nimrodel.
I sang of great Earndil’s sails;
I sang of heroes to Estel.

At last he lied in peaceful sleep,
And there he stayed until bright dawn.
How dear those memories do I keep!
For those sweet years are now far gone.

Endless are the years we elves bear;
Before me now a King does lie.
Asleep in peace, Estel now rests there,
No more to hear my lullaby.


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