They Will Awake – A Poem

by May 21, 2002Poetry

Middle-earth is here again,
this I truly know.
For we may yet hear the song of an elven bow.
Though the Dwarves sleep in their caverns deep,
beneath mountains dark and tall.
They will awake.
The great Dunedain have not perished, they wander forests still.
Do not ask me how I know, for that I cannot tell.
But Middle Earth was not a place completely fair and free.
The Orcs are stirring up again,(not all evil fell with Sauron’s flee.)
These darkened days will lighten when Galadriel awakes.
So Prof. Tolkien’s world all of us will share
For everything is coming back
The fell things and the fair.
They Will Awake
They Will All Awake


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