Their Parting Bittersweet – Elrond and Arwen’s goodbye

by Sep 20, 2005Poetry

In my hands, yours I hold
It is time to leave and start life anew
Daughter, your hands are cold
The life of the Eldar is leaving you

Your mother is waiting across the sea
My fingers tremble, tears are in my eye
Arwen, why do you do this to me?
I cannot leave my daughter here to die

Father, my sadness, I know you sense
I would regret leaving him
There is no ship now to bear me hence
The Evenstar now grows dim

Now I know, I have no choice
I will leave you here with your king
You will see him and rejoice
Here you shall stay and be his queen

Your memory will still live on in me
My head is bowed in defeat
I board the ship that sails across the sea
Our parting was bittersweet

Your mother’s tears have grown
When she heard, she began to cry
Across the sea I went alone
Her daughter had been left to die

I look across the water
Knowing that you will fade
I think of you, my daughter
and of the choice you made


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