The Young Ride off to War

by Oct 18, 2006Poetry

They ride far off to battle
Barely old enough to be men
And as they hold their head up high
Our love with them we send

They speak of valor, truth and honor
They speak of not what they know
These are thoughts imbedded deep
By the rulers who remain in tow

Far behind the young ones
Their voices ring high and shrill
And if the young lay dying alone
Would they continue to hear them still?

So easy it is to do as they say
and heed not for what they do
If the Masters are kept away from war
Will their slaves remain still true?

For who shall fight for freedom
If the young are all gone and lost?
Will the Masters learn the meaning of
What the lives of their slaves have cost?

There has always been and will always be
This thing that goes round and round
For it seems through all the long ages
One country is always war bound

Believe in your Gods or statues or Earth
Pray hard to whom you will
Keep them close as they ride away
So the young will return young still


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