The World At Night

by May 1, 2003Poetry

The dark of the night so wise and knowing
The fragrant winds so silently blowing
The flowers,with only their petals showing
Where are their sleeping spirits going?

The sky, with it’s stars are joyously sharing
The moon with it’s light, so bold and daring
The trees, their whispers so kind and caring
Why are the crickets loud, but not quite blaring?

The sea, it’s waves fall in perfect timing
The grass full of dew so brilliantly shining
The roses grow black, redness slowly resigning
Who is the one doing this designing?

The world at night is full of awe
With wonderous sights for one and for all
The shadows can tell you all about night
Of things that happen in the absence of light

The beauty is seen in both night and day
It changes so subtly….yet in a magical way!



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