~*~The Witch King~*~

by Mar 23, 2005Poetry

Indestructable, I stand
as I have endured all ages,
neither living nor dead
but something far beyond
your pitiful flesh,
a parchment tent
one small arrow can breech.
What catapult can level
the fortress of my blackness?
Evil, you call me
quivering at my iron feet
you think yourself mighty
but I will break you
before the pale syllables
can escape your lips
like mice that flee
at the faintest rumble.
I tell you now,
you know not what evil is.
You only think you can name the Shadow.
When I have claimed you
and feasted on your futile beauty
sucked the glory from your bones
drunk your singing valor
strung your tears into a chain
and fettered your ashen soul to mine,
you will tread in my steps
stumbling and adoring
happy to obey.
You will hunt for me
and fetch me shining beings
who are as you once were
and shall be as you are now
then you will curl at my feet
and lick my fingers
after I fling you a scrap or two
and kick you at my whim.
You will spit and snarl
at those fool enough
to attempt your deliverance
if such there be.
Then you will fathom
the true reach of my despair
and glory in our oneness
knowing that it will be
for all eternity.


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