The Wind – the beauty of a storm

by Dec 9, 2004Poetry

the Wind;the beauty of a storm

A grey veil covers the sky.
Slow,lamenting whispers,
come at me from all sides.
A soft hand carresses my cheek;
pillow soft,
filled with the smell of the sea.
I open my arms and welcome you.
you bring words of other lands,
shouts of joy,
and whispers of the lonely.

The filth we laid fuurther out ,
comes back to haunt us.
Seas of murky brown,
lick at our shores.

A drop of rain ,
falls apon my face;
a drop of pure soul from the sky.

I am helpless to your loving arms,
caressing my body.
I am but a pawn,
in the halls of a king,
a pebble in a vast sea
of grey emotion.
i turn away,
and you are gone;
mere whispers in my soul;
a soul longing for the love of the wind.


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