The Way of Love – For all of Middle-earth’s couples

by Dec 7, 2000Poetry

For if love’s tests you rise above, then love rewards you both with love…
With dewy eye and open heart
We seek love’s pleasures at
the start
Like song birds at the birth
of spring
Our hearts the joys of heaven
And as each summer has its
The joys of love are not
love’s all
For many stretches on love’s
Are strewn with nails and
broken glass
When Love charts us a thorny
Tears flow from hearts that
once were gay
For time and tide somtimes
To steal from us our heart’s
And often by some grand design
The love we cherish falls
so if Love’s treasures you
would seek
I tell you Love’s not for the
For through Love’s trials you
must be strong
To stand Love’s pain and brave
Love’s wrongs
Two hearts who past Love’s
tests together
Will share a love no storm can
And if Love’s tests you rise
Then Love will reward you both
with love.


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