The War of the Ring – An Elf’s Portrayal

by Dec 13, 2002Poetry

Legolas and Gimli
Stood alone and not proud
For fire and blood
Was strung over the crowd

Though the looked, the site
Was unbearable to see
They saw the fear and hope
Of those trying to be free

“The was of the ring,
oh, what a day!”
Said Legolas who, now,
Alone had to stay

Gimli had run far and fast
Leaving Legolas alone
Legolas ran quick
But stopped at a stone

Hater was seen
As he watched from above
Then from out of the mist
Sprang a small white dove

The dove spoke peace
And happiness and truth
But terror was still abroad
For his fate Legolas knew

The dove flew away
Due to his fright
As Legolas gleamed over the crowd
Stricken at the sight

His company was gone
Fighting far away
Leaving Legolas to his fate
He had to fight to stay

Though he was scared
He ran down to the war
But turned at the sound
Of a frightful roar

Legolas ran fast
With all of his might
But he had not forgotten his fate
He had to turn and fight

He fought and fought
Til none could be seen
Except for one
He looked dark and mean

He came down from the shadows
Where he had been
He stared Legolas through
Again and again

With dark red eyes he approached
At a quicker pace
Legolas did not turn
He did not move away

“Sauron,” Legolas spoke
For this one he knew
“You killed many Elves.
My brothers you slew.”

Legolas stepped forward
But slanted back with fear
Sauron spoke, “My words
Will be the last that you hear.”

Legolas stood and faced Sauron
Dark eyes were peering toward his face
He clutched the handle of his sword
And felt the power of its embrace

Legolas swung with his sword
And shot with his bow
Though the fear in his heart
He struggled not to show

Sauron drew out his sword
Legolas tried to fight back
But he was still very weary
From the last attack

Legolas shot at his foe
But Sauron felt no pain
He threw Legolas aside
Before he could strike again

Before he could move
Sauron struck at his leg
Legolas flew back and was knocked out
As he was hit on the head

When he awoke he knew
Time had surely not passed
For he could still feel the breath
Of Sauron’s dark wrath

As Sauron drew closer
Legolas saw movement in the trees
A shadow lurked and peered
As Legolas drew to his knees

He stared continuously at Sauron
With vengeance in his eyes
“Mark my words,” he said
“You’ll be buried before I die.”

Sauron’s anger grew fierce
As he lifted up his sword
Pippin screamed a loud cry
When from the shadows he ran forth

He flew and pierced Sauron
Before he could duck
But it was too late
For Legolas had already been struck

Legolas spoke sad words
As his friend stood beside on the ground
“My journey has come to an end
I will die on this ground.”

Pippin wept as he spoke
His last words to his friend
“No, you can’t go!
Don’t leave me alone again.”

“I have no choice.” Legolas said
“You cannot choose your fate.”
Then he spoke the words
Pippin would regretfully hate

He said, “Go not my friend
For my head feels so light.”
And with that Legolas drifted
Away into the night


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