The Vanisning Light

by Jul 7, 2003Poetry

What is to expected of war?
Those out of the West should know
The old whither, and the young fall
Fall, into the pits of death

The days in the West have passed
You can smell it in the air about you
the ground under you
and the living aura surrounding this world

But what world is it?
The west is dying
For out of the East comes death

The old whither, and the young fall
widows weep, their loved ones are gone
The light in the West is going out
whithering away like a candle in a wind stor,

Will th world of men fall?
Who knows?
From behind the hills, their fate leaps
Death is upon them, is there no escape.

The old whither, and the young fall
Widows weep, there loved ones are gone
Mother morn, their son’s dead
But this is to expected of war

The light is going out
Where is the last King of Gondor?
The light is going out
Who will not sve them, if not their Last King?

The lights are going out
The Elves leave for Valinor
But wait, did I just see their flame rise again
Maybe hope there still is.


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