The Value of Friendship – A poem between Merry and Pippin and their friendship together

by Mar 20, 2003Poetry

This poem is meant to be in Return of the King when Pippin finds Merry on the streets of Minas Tirth

Merry:Fires blazing, horns blaring
Utter blackness then people staring
Seized by icy cold pain, I’m at the end
I am glad I found you, Pippin, my friend

PippinOrcs were as far as the eye could see
But Merry my friend, you defeated the enemy
Don’t leave now, everyone had left me
And you are my only best friend, dear Merry

Merry:Up these long and windy roads you take me
But from dark dreams I cannot flee
No further will I go, my king is dead
And when I last saw Eowyn I was filled with dread

Pippin:Merry old chap, there is not much further to go
You are still alive even if your spirits have sunk low
We fought a great battle, both you and I
I will not let you down, I will not let you die

Merry:I rode with the king even when I was forbidden
But now up to the heavens has he ridden
Like a father he was to me
Soon up there shall I be

PippinMerry, we have reached the houses of healing
They shall take care of you and better your feeling
You are going cold, hold on, keep with me
Please let him be spared, this is my only plea

Merry:Evil cries I hear and pain I feel
Everything of late feels so surreal
Scents of spring fill the air
I open my eyes and see light there

PippinFrom death and terror you have returned
Strong, valorous, skilled and learned
This has shown me how frail life can be
And how important this friendship is to me

Merry:Pippin for your hope I thank you
Without you I could have never made it through
These are dark times for the war is not over yet
And the dark lord & his army still pose a threat

PippinOff to battle I must now ride
But in you I can truly confide
I am afraid, I have much fear
That all too soon the end is near

Merry:I would go with you except I am wounded and I am healing
I will not keep from you I do not find battle appealing
Have hope you will make it through
You have Aragorn, Gandalf, Legolas & Gimli to protect you

PippinOnce again we must be parted my friend
At he gate I have woe for I hear of Frodo’s & Sam’s end
AS I fight in this last battle, creeping comes death
Farewell Merry I say taking my last breath


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