The Valar Ban

by Dec 19, 2003Poetry

Among the many star-littered sky,
Among the Númenorean brewed a lie.
Of the most foulest nature known to man,
it was against the Valar ban

Restless they had now become on their tiny, tiny isle
they became greedy, conquering lands mile by mile.
The walls of Mordor against them stood,
tall black towers dripping with blood.

The dark lord Sauron barred their way,
now comes the turning point of our little lay.
The Numenoreans became to greedy for their own good,
they conquered sauron, celebrate now they could.

Back to Numenor, back to their homeland they went,
long in counsels the king and Sauron spent.
Sauron’s twisted mind, wove a lie
around the king, around the people, many would die.

The lie was of most foulest nature known to man,
it was against the Valar ban.
Men were getting bored of their mortal life,
beginning to yearn, beginning to pine for immortality

They built ships gold, silver and purest white,
never before had this been done, in spite of Valinor light.
Thousand by thousand, wave upon wave.
Soldiers bound by Numenor’s livery, foolish but brave.

They set off upon the wide deep sea,
never did they ever come to the isle, Tol Eressea.
For no man, save Tuor, could step onto the undying lands,
so in sight of blessed Aman they sank,
immortal life never came into their hands .

To destroy the Numenorean race was Sauron’s only aim,
but foiled was his plan, for to middle-earth they came.
Tall kings and tall ships three by three,
seven stars and seven stones and one white tree.


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