The Unknown Love – Poetry

by Apr 21, 2002Poetry

The moonlight fell upon her cheeks
Where wet the tears still shone,
Above her head the stars were still
And made her feel so all alone.

Her love had left so long ago
In search of answers to the signs,
That plagued him sleeping or awake
In these dark and fearsome times.

Long she waited for some news
That Boromir the proud was safe,
But when his cloven horn was found
Her world became a hopeless place.

“Oh Boromir, Oh Boromir!
In dreams alone I walk with you,
The light of day I will not see,
For now my heart like your great horn
Forever will be split in two!”

She sang her song along the banks
Of the great River Anduin,
She plunged the knife into her breast
With one last cry she tumbled in.

The river opened up its arms
Encircled her in cold embrace,
Her face shone pale and still as stone
Her hair a twisted mass of lace.

The river carried her away
And she was seen no more again,
For now she walks with Boromir
No longer saddened and in pain.

Together now at last they are
In some faraway place so fair,
Happiness dwells in that bright space
With love and hope and no despair.


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