The Undying Lands

by Oct 31, 2003Poetry

Illuvatar the wise and great
beheld the music of the Ainur
without the complex melody,
where would our Middle-earth be.

Although the Darkness
at first was great,
what happened next was not that way,
Ungoliant and Melkor came,
destroying the trees of the Valar,
then darkness was a malady,
and the elves cried out in sadness.

But through the horror,
one of the Wise,
collected vats of the light,
O Elbereth Gilthoniel,
From high above,
Mount Everwhite,
she flew and made the stars alight,
and all around Valimar,
the elves wept in tears of joy.
For now the darkness had
a nemesis,

In likeness of Telperion,
the Valar Isil shone,
from the moon up above,
with bow twanging white as a dove.
And also shining bright
was the sun in likeness of Laurelin.

The two trees were lost
and so were the lamps,
created with the utmost care.
But now in defiance once again
the Valar made two orbs of light.
Then Melkor quaked and Sauron ran,
both were now under the light span.
Both made many wars of might,
but never won against the light.

The Ring’s came and were lost,
the Valar and Maiar care not at all.
For their land was now parted,
from the host of the Sindar.
Helcaraxe no longer spaned,
to the Undying Lands.
But after the wars where all ended,
and the Ring-bearers and Sindar
returned set forever unreachable,
was Eldamar and Valinor.
Yet on occasions near and far,
one elf may pass into the sea,
never to be heard from here or there,
for gone are they to their homeland.

In time the Fourth and Fifth
Ages past.
Aragorn passed so did the others,
and in this day of the Sixth age,
the Valar boomed and made this sage,
who now speaks of redemption.
And says men may pass into the Lands.
Our time of forgiveness had passed.
And we may now cross the ocean to become immortal,
with the elves and to never again be parted from our kins.
The end of the world is at hand yet we have been set apart from that land.
Our last swan ship has arrived and on the harbour of Valinor waits for us is Frodo and Elrond,
Gandalf and Galadriel,
of course there are others
Bilbo included who have grown youthful again.
Now is our turn for wisdom learning.
For we are old yet to the elves,
we are just at their start long ago and now we must.
Begin the task of alighting the Undying Lands.
Repairing the damage that has been done.

And at the end of that job,
we sit in the spires of Valimar.


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