The Two Trees

by Apr 28, 2004Poetry

This poem is about the Two Trees. It is a rather awkward read due to the very strange rhyming scheme (ABCABC), but I have come to appreciate it (a rare thing for my own poem’s).

The Two Trees

In Valinor ere Sun or Moon
there shone a silver light:
a sprout was borne from pale green earth
that bore night’s silver bloom,
and bursting forth grew yet more bright;
the source of Valmar’s mirth.

In Valinor ere Dwarf or Ent
another tree was born,
and golden shone at once its light;
it spread a wholesome scent;
pale golden fruit did it adorn;
the mountains it ignite.

In Valinor ere Elf or Man
the Two Trees’ light was mixed,
and never was more beauty seen;
the Years of Trees began;
their light into the gods’ hearts fixed,
more lovely than foreseen.

In Valinor ere death or grief
the darkness came at last,
it cruelly slew the helpless Trees,
and drained them like a thief;
no longer was their clear light cast,
no longer did they ease.

In Valinor ere Sun or Moon
the tears flowed silver bright,
they washed a-clean the Trees forlorn:
enchanted was their bloom:
in Valinor in darkest night
the Sun and Moon were born.


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