The Two Towers – A poem about the Two Towers and the disater they provoked

by Mar 13, 2003Poetry

I know the two towers are supposed to be Minas Morgul and Orthanc in the book but it was kinda written for Barad-dûr and Orthanc

Two towers separated by distant lands
Stand strong as their masters hold hands
They bring evil and strife
Destroying love, dreams, and life
They shall go to war and rule Middle Earth
And kill all the laughter, joy and mirth
Great evil would they spread
And many peoples would be mislead
By the Two towers standing strong & tall
With no enemy to provoke their fall
But one is deceived by the other tower
One tower is weak while the other has growing power
And of control he does not share
But hordes it in his lair
Dark and great would he be
And control all the lands to the sea
But the weak tower struggles and falls
And on him the strong one calls
But its master is locked in a pinnacle of stone
Reduced to a sagging piece of flesh and bone
The remaining tower calls on his slaves
And they flock to him in waves
But a white light comes charging through
And the old alliance of Gondor & Rohan is renewed
At last the tower is thrown to the ground
And of its master nothing is found
Except the tortured memories of its powers
And the stronghold of the Two Towers


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