The Truest Friend (An Homage to Samwise)

by Jan 27, 2004Poetry

The following poem was written by Bilbo and given to Frodo on the voyage to Valinor. After Bilbo’s death Frodo felt a strange displacement. His being was ever enriched by Valinor, yet being the only member of his kin often pulled him to despair. In the year 1482 Frodo pulled the simple poem out of his pocket near the shores of the undying land. He read it aloud as though it were a spell. Suddenly he looked up and saw a ship that carried a dear old friend.

He tended your garden, the best in The Shire, at Bag End.
But he was more than that, wasn’t he, he was your best friend.

He felt your pain and tried to show you Mr. Bilbo’s troll.
Throughout your journey he has also carried the burden of the ring and all it’s toll.

He was at your side in Rivendell where he held your hand.
On Mount Doom he was with you, at the end of all things, where you made your last stand.

He was there at Cirith Ungol, for you he pushed back the giant spider.
Sam would do it again, I can hear him now `hurt Frodo?, bring her on and I’ll fight her!’

He was at your side through pain, torment and gloom.
When it became too much for you he put you on his back and carried you up Mt. Doom.

He traveled with you through marsh, valley and cave.
But do not be sad Frodo, you will see him again, your dear Samwise the Brave.


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