The Torments of a Wraith – A Poem

by Apr 9, 2002Poetry

The grief of a ringwraith is greater than all,
The pain that it bears is that of the dark lord’s fall,
The torturous rings are more than all bear,
All but one who seeks its destruction,
They are forced against all will,
To end Middle Earth, enslave and kill,
Their cries of pain and woe mean death,
Their life endless till there master’s destruction,
And destruction for all under the demonic dark breath,
The beasts they command feast of meat and blood,
The strength of the undead grows more each day,
Not living or dead immortal shadow,
Till the dark’s fall they weep,
Cast into eternal darkness abyss is the fate the keep,
Tower of the moon at their command,
Darkest shadows in the land,
All evil creatures fear their cry except the one great evil Eye,
Eternal darkness, Immortal pain, Till the Dark Lord’s fall.


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