The Thoughts of Master Samwise – This is a poem of the thoughts of Samwise Gamgee while he and Frodo are traveling through Mordor.

by Dec 29, 2002Poetry

This is a poem of the thoughts of Samwise Gamgee while he and Frodo are traveling through Mordor. It tells of what Sam feels of when he thinks and looks at Frodo, and how his moment of despair is changed by a sudden wave of hope.

~The Thoughts of Master Samwise~
by Mary Kate

I cringed in horror as he turned to look at me
His glance pierced my heart as with spears, for his torment was clear to see

His face was one of that of the dying, being Ringbearer had a cost
All happiness he had forgotten, all good he had lost

I studied his face with great sadness, for hope there was no trace
His eyes told all of his long travels, the brightest, yet darkest features in the dreary face

In those eyes I saw darkness, a shadow that penetrated deep
He was trapped within it, passed it he could not creep

And in those eyes of doubt and fear
A single piece of crying slipped down his worn, dirty cheek – it was a tear

I turned away, unable to look more
I don’t understand – Why does he go into a place I cannot follow? Why, What for?!

Suddenly I blazed with anger, a pitable flame burned in my troubled heart-
Why was he chosen to do this, to play such an important part?!

The way in front of him is bloodied red
He, coming so far, is now forced to tread the paths which so many have always dread

I wept silently for him, and the heavy burden he should have never had to bear
For why must he be this way, be mad with fear and strife? To evil be ensnared?

If we reach our destination, our goal, what will happen then? – despair wracks my mind
But I am not anxious to get there, for fear of the answer I may find

Do whatever it takes you, Mr. Frodo, to get home, to be the one you once were, to restore the peace and cheer which you now lack
But as we continue on I know the person I knew before he set out on his journey would never again come back

I admire his bravery, courage, to contiue on without a moan
But I know he is a traveler that will never return home

I knew his once unscathed, easy fluent life of rythm and of ryhme
Was gone forver, forgotten to him, lost in the travels of time

As we struggle on in suffering and in pain
I wonder if we toil needlessley, if all of this is in vain

I suddenly wake up, trying to rid the spreading darkness in my scattered will
I must be strong, if my master is not, for this task we must fufill

Oh dear Master! Don’t let this tribulation slaughter you, don’t
feel as if you must bear this Ring alone
For if It overcomes you, you It will devour: will and mind, flesh and bone

Do not fear what lies ahead, do not give up and drown at every highest tide
For Samwise, your faithful servant and friend is here the whole way, right by your very side

I am here to help you, for you hurting wounds and scars to tend
I am here to guide you through great peril, for your endangered life defend

We both are aware of the danger in which we walk in in this Nameless Land
But if one of us have but the smallest ounce of hope, then we will make it through, hand in hand

I have hope that he will make it, and I will see to it that it is true
So that he may again enjoy life, as he long ago used to

I will not leave us in the eyes of the bitter gleam of the sun to boil!
I will not allow for us to be grounded in graves of rocky, cold soil!

Mordor will quiver with fear and defeat when we are through, and many who doubted the impossible, will in a new light think
For we. good, will destroy all evil and in the shadowed waters of death we will not sink!

Into the hell-fires of Mount Doom this Thing will be cast away
Than rather all mankind to suffer and be enslaved, and to the Lord of Darkness obey!

For in our path there stands a new light, not full of death and despair
But rather a refreshing mist of what we will accomplish, not for our hearts to tear.

~*~*~*~ needs some work


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