“The thoughts of Bilbo” – A poem

by May 13, 2002Poetry

Bilbo in Rivendell
My time is slowly coming
I feel it
Every day I wonder,
if I will wake up the next morning
But I would want to help
The last time…
It is my fault
I should take this heavy burden
And walk with it to the end

Who knows?
Maybe, if I didn’t find the precious,
By this time it would be
in the hands of evil?
It was supposed to come to me
I can’t change the past
Maybe that’s good…

At the council my doubts fainted away
My heir is going, not me
I feel sad,
and I seek answers to questions
that the wisest do not know
They flow through my head
like a wild river
but I know to which question
I really seek an answer
What if he will not come back…


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