The Thoughts of Aragorn – A look into the thoughts of Aragorn

by Jun 21, 2002Poetry

‘I dream of peace, yet it is hard to discover,
every being is different,and that is what causes hate, some too stupid, some far too stuborn and hate filled to co-operate.

Years I have wondered across the lands of Middle-earth and seen many things,I am known as a ranger and warrior yet not many know me as a king, but does it matter what I am? I am honoured as a king
and feared as a warrior yet unwelcome as a ranger it is very strange…

I’ve seen the sun rise over a calm ocean and set in an unknown location. I’ve seen a small life come into the world in a matter of moments and a pained animal dissolve into a world of death, but these are just the small things in life….

If a man were to break down into tears in front of you would you think him weak or disturbed? I would not. I would think him brave to reveal his feelings to others, and if you respect people with that thinking then they shall respect you…’


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