The tale of Luthien

by Apr 20, 2003Poetry

All my life I heard legend tell
Of she who danced in forest dell
For her love of mortal blood
Elven kin she was, and should
She never wish to live in vain
Sang to Valor her song of pain.

And then her lips of joy would prise
The lovers web upon his eyes
And in the motion dreamer’s cast
He would stand in wonder, gasp
The sight of her in starlit glade,
He her death, for tears slay’d.

So that song held him entranc’d
As before him she sang and danced
On the eve of starlit night
Under bough of oaken bright,
But that dream, it ended soon
Past the sun and past the moon.

He love her true, and she loved him
Yet to her father ’twas a sin
For a mortal man to love
Immortal cast of stars above,
And, for him to win his plight
He must fetch the gems of light,
Set in Morgroth’s iron crown
Or his love in tears to drown.

Oft he though his task too tried
But for love this mortal died,
And the price for her hand was met,
But his mortal passion fail’d, but yet
The song upon the mourning air
Of Luthien’s pain, the maiden fair
Did sway that Valor’s hardend heart,
And a mortal life meant that they did not part.


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