The tale of Eowyn – A Poem

by Feb 16, 2003Poetry

This is my first attempt at posting a poem so if you have something negative to say please just don’t. Thank you.

The Tale of Eowyn; A Poem

The Morgul-lord approached
Upon his black steed
To kill Theoden king
Was his fell deed

Then Eowyn
With all her strength
Drew her sword
Long in length

And in her fear
She looked towards his eyes
And she tightened the muscles
In her thighs

She would pierce him
Throw him down
He did not deserve
To wear a crown

She raised her sword
Toward the sky
Hoping that the Morgul-lord
Could actually die

In the dark
She gave a cry
In the dark
She seemed to die

The Morgul-lord fell
Like a cloak that was flung
Of his power
He was wrung

His helm clattered
To the ground
But no one heard
The fateful sound

But they saw their lady
They saw her fall
And they heard
The hobbit’s call

They carried her
Between two spears
That they had used
For many years

They thought that she
Would not survive
And if she did
She would take her own life

But through the dark
Came Aragorn’s call
And she was awoken
In the healing hall

And she was told
That her king had died
But she proved her strength
And she did not cry

And though her deed
Was bravely done
The War of the Ring
Was not yet won

By: Sarah


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