The Stars of the Elves – A Sweet Poem of Elves

by Aug 20, 2002Poetry

Galadriel as morning fair

Lovers of Stars The Elves of Middle Earth

When they were awoken the Quendi
The Stars were the first things they did see
The Elves best loved Starlight
Always enjoing stars that shone bright

One famous star was Erendil
It was given to Frodo by Galadriel
Galadriel as the morning fair
Her hair as golden or woven silver

The Elves could only be slain
Die of a broken heart or great pain
Light always dwelt on their face
Their skin soft as silk or lace

In the Undying Lands beyond the Seas
Lies Eldemar far from the Valar Trees
The Elves built cities with streets of gold
Opals, diamonds, and crystaks they did hold

Tales speak of an elf fairest of all
Her name was Luthien daughter of Thingol
Luthien fell in love with a mortal man
Giving up her immortal life and took Beren’s hand

Two others were also like this
Who lived together in happy bliss
Arwen was the beautiful elf’s name
Elessar the king who won such fame

Elrond was another who dwelt in Rivendell
His daughter was Arwen granddaughter of Galadriel
Elrond who fought in the War of the Ring
Elrond of whom so many tales often sing

Legolas another elf who came from Mirkwood
Friend of Gimli a dwarf who saw the Golden Wood
Legolas journeyed with the Fellowship and Frodo
Legolas a perfect expert with his arrows and a bow

The Elves immortal were so young so old
Never knew sickness or death so cold
The Elves were wisest of all beings
Best at speech, poetry, and singing

Elves had about them a wonderful glow
From them happiness and sorrow did flow
The Elves with their precious stars
Were magical and miraculous by far

There was always light on their fair face
Blissful and wise more than any other race
They have gone from us and we miss them constantly
They will live on in our hearts eternally


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