The Starry Sky Its Colours Lifting

by Jan 8, 2005Poetry

A gnome appears at the crown of a hill
Silver his garment, sweet his flute’s trill
Seated on a high grey rock
Watching the sea murmur and talk
He sees the pale blue paint the sky
Begin in the east, then grow and spread high
The stars twinkle in merry greeting
The velvet blue of Night is leaving
Yawns, for Night goes now to bed
Across the entire sky it has tread
Pale blue is happy to bring the day
Shoo! Shoo! It pats the stars away
For lavender comes, and brings her friend
Yellow, with orange, which in turn brings red
The gnome watches in growing awe
As the colours of dawn bring warmth to thaw
And all as one they give a heave
Up comes the Sun! light she bequeaths
In a smiling gesture she throws out light
Upon each corner, shouts, ‘Begone, O Night!’
Night leaves smiling, Sun is so happy
She is up again, it’s time for Night’s napping
The gnome smiles and plays along
With silver flute, to morning’s song
Now soon the sky is all claimed
To be now the Sun’s, unashamed
The Sun sits high and proudly watches
Her kingdom of light, a star softly touches
The earth in farewell, she’ll see it again
Throughout the Night, ’til the Sun comes singing
And gnome sees the starry sky its colours lifting.


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