The Starlight of your eyes!

by Feb 10, 2005Poetry

Gil-galad! Ereinion!
O king so fair and free
the countless stars of
heavens field were mirrored
in your starlight eyes.
O high to us that wander here
amid the Mountains and the sea.

Gil-galad! Ereinion!
That wash your noble name
you ruled the land of Lindon
in the second age. When we
came to Lindon. You wore ower
light and hop, your sword was keen,
yore lance was long, your shining helm
O far was seen.

Gil-galad! Ereinion!
Your star fell into darkness
and where you now dwell none can say.
But in windy fields now bright and clear
we can still see your silver starlight blown!

Gil-galad! Ereinion!
We still remember,
We who dwell in this far land beneath the stars,
The Starlight of your eyes
Eromir ogvaifh!


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