The Star Glass

by Sep 15, 2004Poetry

In shadows under Cirith Ungol
Alone two periannath went
Into a tunnel dreaded
A foul reek in the air
Touch numbing, hearing dulling
By darkness separated

Then hands met and clasped
Together on they went
Fighting off sickness and fear
Of lurking malice so intense
Step by step, step by step
Stumbling passed deadly open unseen

They struggled on, still hand in hand
Suddenly moving easier
Left and right the tunnel bent
Their guide they could not find
But left was blocked
So right they went

From heavy silence came a sound
A gurgling, bubbling, venomous hiss
But nothing could they see
Little Samwise’s heart was black
With anger and despair
Then out of blackness came a light

A light in his mind
Far off and unbearable bright
Green, gold, silver, and white
Of Galadriel in Lorien
Gift in her hand, the Star-glass
For when there are no other lights

Frodo’s hand went to his bosom
And he held aloft the lady’s gift
Faint it was as rising star
With hope it grew, its power waxed
A burning silver flame, a dazzling light
The hand that held it sparkled white

As Frodo grazed in wonder
At the gift so long carried
Never guessing it’s full worth and potency
His voice grew clear and in elvish cried
`Behold Earendil Star of Long-Light!’
Not knowing what he spoke

But old and strong is She
That walks there the darkness
Elf cries she heard before
Far back in the depths of time
And did not heed them
Nor did they daunt her now

The great malice bent upon the bearer of the Star
Out of the darkness they had left behind
A great cluster of eyes unmasked
Monstrous and bestial
Filled with hideous delight
And the pale glitter of evil thought

The radiance of the star-glass was broken
Thrown back in a thousand facets
Frodo and Sam horror-stricken
Slowly backed away
Their gaze held by a dreadful stare
The star-glass drooped in wavering hand

Released from the holding spell
In vain panic they fled
The terror came leaping up behind
Frodo cried `Stand! Stand!’
Cautiously the eyes crept nearer
Courageously the star-glass rose again

With a hint of doubt
The eyes halted, their regard relaxed
Frodo’s heart flamed
From folly, courage or despair
He drew his sword
Sting flashed with blue fire

The elven-blade sparkled
In the Star’s silver light
Bright sword drawn and Star aloft
Forth came Frodo, hobbit of the Shire
To meet the wavering eyes
Dimming one by one and they drew back

No brightness so deadly
No sun, moon or star
Had ever afflicted them
Safe under the ground
But now a star descended
Into the very earth

Steady the light approached
The eyes one by one went dark
They turned away
A great hulk heaved
Beyond the lights reached
Then it was gone


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