The Sorrow of Eowyn

by Jul 4, 2006Poetry

Author’s Note ~ Think of a bard as someone who is crafty with words; someone who is a master of the language; a person who can weave words in a perfect way and you’ll understand why I used ‘bard’ to describe Wormtongue.


She watches him crumble night and day by the tongue of the vile bard
Her mother’s brother, her father’s king reduced to a dotard
Her uncle’s son no more, her mother’s son cast out, and now she stands alone
Behind the throne, her uncle’s crutch, a smile on her lips no more
Sickened by the desire of the worm; he haunts her steps through the halls
Her beauty now she curses; when the worm comes to call
The House of Eorl, reduced to not; to her people, she has no hope to bring
Like a caged beast, a wild thing forced to serve her doddering king
‘There is no hope or end in sight’; so she said in the deep of the night
But still she does not blanch; she holds her head high, in a place where there is no light.


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