The Song of the Inseperable – A Song for Aragorn and Arwen

by Oct 4, 2002Poetry

My Aragorn is gone from me now
In Eol’s hands I’m in I don’t know how
I miss him but I will never forget
My love Estel and how we first met

I am his and he is mine no other
None can separate us not even a mad lover
For we are bound in body, soul, and heart
I choose a mortal life and none can keep us apart

I wish I could leap into his arms and feel safe
And I must somehow escape this cage
I love him and miss him deeply we were meant to be
But I know that my Aragorn is on his way to me


Though she is from me far
She loves me my Evenstar
If he hurts her in any way
I will pursue and kill him someday

I remember that enchanted day
I went into the forest and saw her stay
Watching my Undomiel wander
He will pay this mad lover

She is a part of me and so is my son
To Imladris I will pursue and come
To save her my Arwen Undomiel the Evenstar
It’s almost like she’s here with me though she is far


When we are again together you will see
Roses will bloom and Spring will feel as Eternity
For our love goes deep and can not be torn
Though this dark elf may try he will learn

I swear I will be faithful and true
Though I die I will always be bound to you
For my love is undying and can’t be broken
Not with a million swords, by magic, or men

Our love is for longer than eternity
I’ve made an everlasting vow for infinity
That nothing will come between me and you
I vow for longer than forever to you be true


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