The Song of the Ent

by Jun 7, 2003Poetry

“Long ago we walked and stayed
In peaceful woods where branches swayed
And stretched vast far o’re green clad hills –
A place where emptiness now fills.

We are the old and dying few
Who stay in our shrinking home
As all around the trees go down
As axes cut bark and bone.

Hear us chant in dying tongue
Our lesson for you all
We wish to tell you what must be done
Before we finally fall.

Please hear my song, slow may it be
I am but a sickly tree
But I have a secret that I must share
To anyone, anyone listening out there.”

The ent stood tall with rumblings deep
To burst out into song
And heavy with meaning he sang,
He sang how it all went wrong.

So spoke the ent as he did fall
As last words to who would listen
Yet all his words, so beautifully sung
Did only on dead forest glisten.


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