The Silmaril – A song in front of Morgoth

by Mar 7, 2004Poetry

Luthien, fair Luthien
There she stands singing
In front of evil
Heartbreaking evil

But to get her father’s blessing
We must do this
We must get a silmaril

Her father will not
Let us wed
I have a silmaril

Morgoth is slipping into sleep
The room is asleep
We go to him
And from his crown we cut
A silmaril

I clench it in my palm
It is glowing
Searing horrible pain

We leave swiftly
And there we meet him again
The repulsive beast
Morgoth’s watcher
We stand and fight

But the beast swallowed my hand
And he runs howling
For he took the silmaril
And it will give him pain
And he will not be at rest
Until the silmaril
Is no longer in him.

Luthien binds my arm
I speak to her
“I will not die, Luthien.
Your love keeps me here
I will not die, I will not.”
More tears drop from Luthien

The wrappings now dripping
With blood
We go on
To the house of her father.


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