The Sea Calls Us Home.

by Jul 7, 2005Poetry

Author’s Note ; This poem and its title were inspired by Elrond’s line to Bilbo Baggins in the movie version of LOTR : The Return of the King and the incredibly beautiful “Into The West” performed by Annie Lennox.

The Sea Calls Us Home

On the shores of Lhún
We patiently wait
To sail from these lands
To follow our fate.

White ships are coming
To carry us home
Our souls now restless
To cross sea and foam.

She has called us, ensnared us
She has captured our hearts
Few now remain
As each ship departs.

Our time here has ended
Men now rule these lands
Elves are now passing
We sail to white sands.

Where loved ones dwell
Who have gone before
They too patiently wait
On a distant white shore.

Gulls cry overhead
Our journey has ended
No tears, no regrets
These lands have been mended.

To Valinor we are summoned
The sea calls us home
No more in these great lands
Shall our fair kind roam.


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