The Sea Calls Me – When Legolas Leaves Middle-Earth

by Sep 1, 2004Poetry

Blue and Black
Swift and strong
Gulls tha fly to Illuvatar
As we rond the bend at Andrast
Helms deep is gone
Minas Tirith falls away
The golden leaves turn brown as we glide out to sea
But I will see them again
The White City’s glory in Frodo’s eyes
The gems of the Glittering Caves on Gimli’s belt and head
And the rustle of the Mallorn leaves as Galadriel speaks of happy times in Caras Galadon
And I will sing of he whom I rememder as brave and true
But the last shore calls me
Valinor chants my name
As the isles of the land I love now begin o fade
I will remember thee with my heart of hearts
Namarie Middle-earth.


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