The Saddest Lines – Requiem for Evenstar

by May 12, 2004Poetry

Author’s Note:I borrowed the inspiration for this song from a song on Sixpence None The Richer’s self-titled album: “Puedo Escriber” (that would be “saddest lines”, wouldn’t it? I know very little Spanish…). The song is from a poem by one Pablo Neruda, and the lines “To hear the immense night, still more immense without her/And the verse falls to the soul like dew to the pasture/Tonight I can write the saddest lines/The saddest lines about her” sounded exactly like Aragorn sometime during the RotK film when he believes Arwen to be dead. I altered the lines a little to fit into this work, but they do make an appearance.

Will the stars fall from Menel tonight?
For departed is their sister
O! will the whispering winds take flight
And in the sorrow gather?
These lines drip from my pen, as tears
What cannot be shed from my dry eyes
Tracing back ‘cross the faded years
Trailing a lament into the very skies
Eyes of blue, closed forevermore
They that once haunted my every dream
No longer shall they open, and nor
Nor shall her song draw me from my sleep
O! how immense the gathering night
Still more immense without her
O! tonight come flowing the saddest lines
I write the saddest lines about her
The light has been swallowed in the dark
The stars do weep above me
This cold wind is suddenly stark
For lasting lament of she
She of the sparkling joy eternal
That bubbled like a stream
Cleansing through the turmoil
Awakening life in me
Tonight I weep, o tonight I am empty
For love of the faded Evenstar
That breathed new life into me
And with a word, dispersed the dark
Will Ithil weep silver tears tonight
For the loss of the songful maiden?
Will the stars fall from Menel tonight
With grief and loss full laden?
O tonight I write the saddest lines
The saddest lines of her


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