The Ruins of Helm – A song

by Jan 4, 2004Poetry

I saw the fire was weak,
now i see it is strong.
It’s power is undeniable,
for it’s hatred was building for long.

The Fire increases in power,
from ice hard as bone it is spawned.
It was made for unleashing havoc in men,
from Saruman’s Orthanc Tower.

We stand on a wall that is deeping,
as the fire comes in deep.
All that we stand for weakining,
for now we are down on our knees.

Although we do not show our trembling,
Helm Hammerhad cover that,
but now one thing different,
for the truth long forgotton is back!

I saw than a blur of light,
than fire was put out by night,
the land was cleansed but the air and the sun,
and the lord of the land ordered a fight!

For We now run out of the cages,
and into the dying flame.
Our hearts have been strengthened with rages,
and now the fires are tamed.

Behold! The land was ours is back!
But this truth will not last forever,
For opening is the gate of black!

For the sun has risen on the dying fire,
like rain on the desert,
but now we see it differently,
our hearts are now Dire!

Fires now again approach.


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