The Road – Dedication to Bilbo and Frodo

by Feb 8, 2003Poetry

The Road.

The Road leads me on and on
Though I don’t know how or when it began
But it is where I belong
And I must follow as long as I can.
I saw it one day outside my door
Stretching out into the forest deep
It reached to where the Mighty Eagles soar
On top of mountians vast and steep.

The Road called out to me one day
I chased it down The Hill
I chased it to the Bay
I keep chasing it still.
I’ve traveled through the Barren Land
Stood at the Great Sea
Shook many a fine hand
I’ve learned the true meaning of free.

The Road guides me on my quest
There’s no turning back now
Gotta keep moving, no time to rest
I’ve something to do but don’t know how.
My secret is a burden only I must hold
And keep my feelings hid inside
My feet are weary, my body feels old
How I wish for a place to hide.

The Road brings me to another distant place
But there’s no safety for me here
There are so many dangers that I must face
So many it fills my heart with fear.
Never knowing what lies ahead
What there is waiting for me
I may find a soft warm bed
Or I may find the Enemy.

The Road leads me day and night
Through times of peace and war
I have fought in many a bloody fight
That I never want to see anymore.
I have been told the tales of old
Talked to those who are wise
Been cast into dungeons dark and cold
I have heard all of the lies.

The Road has brought me to the end of my task
Now high upon the mountian I stand
And what I must do seems too much to ask
So here I stand with a trembling hand.
I turn and gaze into the Great War
The signs of Death is all I can see
Clutched in my hand is what they’re fighting for
Now the only answer is plain to me.

The Road still leads me onward and alone
Following only a distant star
Now gazing at the land that I had once known
It welcomes back the one who’s gone so far.
It was There and Back Again
A Hobbit’s Holiday
Now sitting back with a long lost friend
I tell the tales of lands so far away.

The Road shall lead me on once more
But when? I cannot say
For soon I’ll walk back out the door
And on the Road again my feet shall stray.



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