The rings

by Feb 25, 2004Poetry

Long time ago in Middle Earth
To the Rings was given birth
The Rings were made to help all kinds
To the elves,
The three rings had power to heal
To banish the dark and the shadow to kneel
To the dwarfs,
Seven rings to find what no one finds
Mithril, gold and silver, everything that shines
And to the men,
Although doomed to die
To seek eternal power they will try
And the thong they loved the most
Turned man into a fleshless ghost
But it was one that no one knew
The Rings were old, this one was new
But where was the new ring made?
In the lonely Erebor
Or the shadows of Mordor
In Mordor it was made in
The fires of Orodruin
But the one who gave it birth
Wanted to rule the Middle-earth
The free people had to choose
If they would fight, or if their countries they would lose
And they decided to unite
And blow the shadow with one fight
And so they did, in eerie gloom
On the slopes of mountain doom
Victory was very near
But the Ring was also here
Sauron then joined the fight
In his try to set things right
But Isildur, son of the king
Took by force Sauron’s One Ring
The elves wanted to destroy the jewel
But the Ring was far too cruel
Isildur took the precious
And what did it do, the precious?
It betrayed and killed him, the precious
But who will find it next, the precious?
On the Ring there were some words
That must not be spoken
It says about the force
The One Ring has awaken
One Ring all of them to enslave
One Ring all of them to find
One Ring all of them to bind
In darkness and shadow’s eternal wave
In the land of Mordor to have rebirth
In a small place called Middle-Earth


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