The Ring of Insanity – On the slopes of Mt. Doom

by Jan 22, 2004Poetry

Shining asunder,
marveleous wonder.
Eye of the Enemy
Bores through the heart of me.
Trudging and plodding,
pushing with hope.
All that I love,
All that I know,
Lies beneath the shadow of fear
roaming the lands it owns far and near.
A check of the soul and heart
step now, move forward
to doom, to death I march
the Ring will take me to the fire
my soul shall never be re-taught.
Can I throw the Power into the sooty debris
can I bring him down and myself do these deeds.
Justification swarms the soul
of why I should keep it.
Circling and swirling around my neck,
a noose of despair that makes me weaker.
Throw it in now the voice says
get rid of the burden
toss it to doom, to fire
to places away from my heart so uncertain.
Do it, do it,
before it’s to late,
or evil shall laugh with my head on it’s plate.
With one shred left of sanity I stand,
my mind destroyed, no longer a man.
I will keep the ring
I will pull it toward me
and bring to me now all the power that has heard me.
A smile fills my face at the whimsical thought.
To just let go and foresake,
all the thoughts.
On it goes,
and my soul is shattered.
Then I realize I now have the Power
To rule all Men, Elves, & Dwarves
and creatures of all types and sorts.
Oh the Site!
The bite.
Reality stings!
I have another monkey on my back
who wants the same ring.
I will not give up,
I will not let go.
I will win this fight
and cover all in shadow.
Ow! He has taken the precious delight
and is dancing around
jumping and springing in spite.
But the Power of the Ring belongs to just one.
A sworn oath was broken and so it shall bring
Death to the precious,
a enemy, a friend,
and a gold band that no longer glows.
I am left broken and bruised.
Ringless, loveless, a terrible ruin.
Never will the Dark Ring win again
all things of Power must come to an end.


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