The Quendi – The Elves of Valinor

by Jul 17, 2003Poetry

We saw the stars as we awoke
Shook the sleep from our newly opened eyes
None knew from where we had come
But we all danced and sang under the stars

A shadow lurked in the distance
We fled in fear and hid in darkness
But one came whose face was fair
His words brought comfort to our timid hearts

We journeyed to a land afar
Led by one in whose countenance was light
Guided by a power far greater than us
We tread lands uncertain

We lived under the ambassadors of our creator
We learned of our origin
Our ways became noble
Our hearts became strong

Joy and peace were all that we knew
We loved and sang beneath the trees
We lived in their light
But we still loved the stars

Then evil came and the light failed
Our stars and our songs sustained some
Others quaked in fear and greed
And departed shamefully for the land we left in shadow

Their toil was great but we never knew
We sang again to the stars and to the Creator
But our cries were laments
We wished for light again

A new lamp was wrought
And our weary cousins returned
The pain of years was upon their brow
But in this land there is peace

In the peace we shall live
In the light we shall love
But shadows of pain and suffering still haunt us
Who can free us from this past

Only One
At the word of our creator
All our shadows and grief shall fade
Our toil in life shall be eased
And again will dance and sing with the stars


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