The plight of Isildur

by Apr 15, 2004Poetry

Sauron, lord of all t’was dark,
grim he fell to king’s mighty hand,
Isildur the lord of men in Arda,
felled the power feared by all.

when all was quiet, and darkness lost,
I saw the power beside me here,
the Ring ,The One, O! So fair!
But alas for this acursed thing.

It called to me ” Isildur, lord,
come, for you should know
the power of my mightiest sword,
and its swift and evil blow!”

Though he tried to escape the spell,
He could not help his pain,
to the ring he was giv’n
The tales will forever tell.

It comforts me, the Ring of Power,
Joy for it gives me streangth!
My son’s shall, too, inherit thou,
O, precious, my love, my own….

The sun it set forevermore,
to the eyes Isildur king,
for never again would he see the light,
betrayed by his own love.

For the King was sought by goblins foul,
his breast was shattered,then he slept,
Never to awake amore,
in his relm of Middle Earth.

And so the poets sigh for him,
Isildur, Lord of Men,
And I do tell of his story here,
I am Elrond, Elven lord.

—— By Loralie


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