The plight of a hobbit – Pippin in Minas Tirith

by Apr 16, 2004Poetry

A long sought hour is dawning,
And I shall watch and wait,
Courage, fear and yearning
Hath become my fate,
And all the world before me
In peril it doth cry,
And I am one of many
Below this darkened sky.

I listen to the talking
Of the army far below,
And I am one among them;
To war I have to go,
And years have spread around me,
This moment to forsee,
Open hearts are crying, a single tear for me.

my friends are now behind me,
I see them in my sleep,
A troubled world to hide in,
And yet I shall not weep;
For hope that I shall see them
As the sun shall rise,
And I hold hope so close now,
Yet tears well in my eyes.


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