The people of Middle-Earth

by Jul 20, 2004Poetry

Many years I walked this earth
And saw so many faces
There is no place like Middle-earth
That has so many races

I heard a voice so old
That no one heard before
So many stories it has told
Stories about peace and war

The ents are trees that truly live
They walked this earth before I did
Tales and so much wisdom did they give
To whomsoever’s wish and need

The wind and water cannot break them
They love the nature and what’s green
The orcs and axes truly hate them
But the ents linger untouched and green

But hidden in city Rivendell
Across the heights in Lorien
Where lies the glass of Galadriel
It is heard a voice most clarion

They hide within the grand tree’s length
But they are not afraid, you should be
Of the wood elves’ mighty strength
For their power soon you’ll see

They were there at the beginning
With men together they were trying
Against the darkness they were winning In Mordor where the shadow’s lying

But deep within the mountain’s roots
It is rolled the stone filled wagon
I hear steps of heavy boots
Awakening the sleeping dragon

In the mountains they found their doom
The nameless terror the dwarves have awaken
Deep in the Misty mountains, in Moria, in Khazad-Dum
And lost were the words they’ve spoken
In Moria, in Khazad-Dum

In white cities of brick and stone
Stand a most proud nation
But here and now they stand alone
Trapped alone, in isolation

They are first to stand against the evil
They have held for many years
Drawn by the will that have the people
Although the tide is high of blood and tears

The men are ready to face their fears
The world of men stands to a stall
Within the dark the shadow nears
Its arrival to consume us all

But far away from war and danger
From grief, pain and despair
Protected by the bravest Ranger
The Shire breathes the purest air

Little halflings can’t be smaller
Peaceful and happy as can be
They’re like children, aren’t taller
In their land close to the sea

Dwarves and hobbits although smallest
Thrive due to their will to live
Ents and elves, they are the fairest
That so much wisdom did they give

As for me I am neither
Only the Ents my face have seen
I come from a place further
Further from where the elves have been

Who I am I cannot tell you
I am the strangest of all
No knowledge can now avail you
I’ve come to stop the shadow’s fall.


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