The Pathway of Dreams – Olórë Mallë

by Sep 27, 2002Poetry

The Dream Pathway beyond the Day
leads from the fair Moon’s sheen.
The silver light in the darkness of night
carries me away unseen.

Up the threaded stair through the night’s dark hair
enchantment lifts my feet;
a high stairway with white star-spray
lit by the stars’ silver fleet.

To a window there up in the air
I step up with delight;
whisked away beyond the day
and the terrors of the night.

And sudden I smell the sea tide’s swell
and salt water crisp on the air.
On the gem-filled shore of white Evermore
a misty breeze flutters my hair.

Then a deep-toned bell in the great citadel
caused me to look up in alarm –
but I was fair and free on the shores of the sea
and naught could do me harm.

But I turned my face to the city with haste –
light laughter I heard from afar.
On the golden street no one did I meet,
and I wished not the joy to mar.

When I found it at last my old grief had passed,
I beheld with wonder sublime
a garden bright I saw with delight
ablaze with a golden shine.

With flowers red upon my head
and silver upon my brow,
I ran my hand through the soft white sand
and all but wondered, how?.

But it faded away to the breaking day
and my heart was rent in despair;
for it was all a dream, and now it would seem
there was no other place so fair.

But as my tears fell a fragrant smell
I thought that I knew came to me.
I looked in my hand and from Elvenland
was a bright gem from the white sea.


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