The Past – The years of time passes by

by May 2, 2002Poetry

The ones who came,
and those who saw.
The ring of Mordor
the evil claw.
It reached out,
took away their hope,
But still there where
people who fought.
They started a journey,on a way so dark and dead,
They hated the one who stole their land, and took away their bread.
They travelled so long on a road so long from home,
and they managed to find a way,
a sunrise who were`nt gray.
The journey ended,
with a sea of blood,
of those who fighted for their land and god.
The ring of Mordor,
the evil claw,
wanted to put shadow where-ever where they saw…
So many lifes that got ended,
and some many lifes that ran out,
the evil fingers of a man,
the man without a heart.
After the sunrise, where it all had come to an end,
the era now was finished, and the freedom was a fact.
But now it all have vanished, and the men who died is gone,
their fight has been forgotten,
its forgotten what they won.


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