The Passing of the Ringbearers – A poem

by Jun 14, 2005Poetry

Back he rode to loved Shire
And helped to cleanse the ash and mire
But though once more all life was green
And gained an elven, lustrous gleam
The sting and knife of poisoned pain
Caused Frodo’s Middle Earth to wane
So, seeking for a healing rest,
He turned his footsteps to the West

And then at last, the Bearers passed
Beyond the sea that misted day
The others waited on the quay

Lord Elrond, master of healing arts
Galadriel, reader of deepest hearts
Gandalf White, O Mithrandir!
No longer will he tarry here
Last the hobbit, Bilbo Old
Finder of the Ring of gold

Snowy prow cut through the tide
Only one was left behind
And slowly, Samwise walked away
For this was not his final day

The years flowed by, with joy and laughter
But finally he followed after
Before his eyes, a swift sunrise
Swept the stormclouds from the skies


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