The passing of the elves

by Jun 15, 2003Poetry

As I in the eve wandered alone
I saw through the glimmering mist
The glow of the elven,
Starlight skin kissed
With the hue of the old oaken leaves.

There I did stay, observing this state,
As the elves of light did pass by,
And their song was so sad,
And did near seem to cry
The pain of the ages before.

And the company did in silence proceed,
The bitter sweet emblem of a world,
And their beauty was grace,
And that grace was entwirled
With their sadness, their youth and their love.

And the stars, they did shine so,
High in the night,
As the elves to the west did forth go,
Beauty and sadness, darkness and light
Passing beyond the West.


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