The Parting – Arwen and Elrond’s last farewell

by Feb 2, 2004Poetry

Soft rain of tears falls gently on my face
As I seek comfort in one last embrace
Looking into the eyes that have known me long so well
Torn that I am leaving them for this other world
For a moment a child’s longing bursts in my breast
That I need him to protect me from trials that come to pass
As he held me as a child, his very presence the cure
For the every fear and worry that could me pursue
Such simple cares I had then, in long-lost days of bliss
Before the weight of maturity upon my shoulders thrust
I cling to him one last time as the faint scent of the Sea
Comes wafting through the stone city, borne by a trav’ling breeze
My Ada, this be the last time I look upon your face
The last time I find comfort in your fatherly embrace
For another doom doth call me away from your side
And another love to these other shores holds me in its bind
Farewell-the word comes hard from my tremb’ling lips
If only-somehow-there were another way than this!
But at last comes this bitter parting, ere you sail so far from me
And leave me with my choice on the far side of the Sea

Note: Ada is the hypocoristic form of adar “father”; bascially corresponding to “daddy”.


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